martedì 31 gennaio 2012

Windows 95/98/XP e Linux OSs (Knoppix etc) su un HTC EVO 3D !

Finalmente dopo anni di smartphone e tablet (non x86) qualcuno è riuscito nell'intento di emulare una cpu x86 e installarci sopra un sistema operativo da PC! Il dispositivo preso in considerazione è un HTC EVO 3D con processore Qualcomm Snapdragon da 1,2 GHz e purtroppo non si sa quanto questi sistemi operativi girino bene, ma sarebbe interessante scoprirlo.

Ovviamente tutti i meriti vanno a mnomaanw del forum xdadevelopers che in questo post ha spiegato la procedura. Per comodità (e in caso il forum si perda nell'oblio) ricopierò pari pari il post.

Many of you might already know how to run windows 95/98 on your android smartphone.I'm posting this just for those who dont know that they can run desktop windows/linux on their phones. .THIS IS A SIMPLE PROOF OF x86 SOFTWARES RUNNING ON ARM.
The windows 95 works great on my EVO3D
All credits to their respective developers.....

Instructions :
1.Download and install this ->
2.Download this -> and put it on root of sdcard , so path should be sdcard/SDL/*.*
3.Put a disk image .img/.iso [(need to change setting in bochsrc.txt accordingly (iso not tested yet)] of any operating system in SDL folder and rename it to "c.img"(tested : win 95/98/XP ----------------Linux OSs like Knoppix/redhat etc can also be used)
4.Run Bochs apk from appdrawer. Let it boot (takes a while) and enjoy.

Controls: (i forgot to post the instruction so thanks to HDD_x8 for posting this)
- It emulate touchpad on touchscreen and left/right mouse buttons on volume
- You can also click touch screen to generate mouse left button click.(this does not work everytime)
- Back = BackSpace, Menu = Enter, left-upper corner click generates TAB
- left-lower corner click popups keyboard
MHL to HDMI out tested and confirmed working (thanks to HDD_x8)

Use the attached bochsrc.txt to use a folder called "HDD" on your sdcard as a drive in windows.Replace the original bochsrc.txt with one attached below.If it doesnt work post in the thread.

If for some reason you can't get a windows version working or you face issues of crashing etc then remove/move your current SDL folder to some other folder and use the one attached below.extract it to the root of sdcard then install and run the sdlapp.apk (not bochs.apk)

Some freeware disk images can be found here:
or here : (not sure if any of them will work as i have not tested , only win 95/98/XP are tested.)